Lifestyle Transformation Program

Active Nutrition Maintain Kit

Continue your journey to a healthy weight by building on the foundation laid during Active Nutrition Jumpstart. The Maintain program is a natural transition following the amazing first steps you’ve already taken. Active Nutrition Maintain is designed to help fortify your newly developed healthy-eating practices. This can help you sustain long-term weight-management success with positive lifestyle changes.

The guidance and direction of Active Nutrition Maintain is designed to push you to power through any post-Jumpstart slumps. By following the recommended eating and supplementation schedule, you can transition into your new normal—a diet grounded in whole foods that support your weight-management goals.

With Maintain, you have the opportunity to incorporate your favorite fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and lean proteins into daily meals. And you’ll still have the support of a daily Nutrimeal Active shake to help you meet your nutrition goals.

Sustain your healthy habits and your weight with the Active Nutrition Maintain kit. This four-week-long program will help cement your healthy-eating habits and skills, so you can set yourself up for successful weight management in the future.


Program Overview:

  • 28-day regimen designed to strengthen healthy habits.
  • Includes delicious, daily Nutrimeal Active shakes.
  • Focuses on long-term weight management by reinforcing healthy eating habits.
  • Optimized with USANA CellSentials, USANA Probiotic, and USANA Metabolism+ supplements for lasting success.

Products Included:

  • Nutrimeal Active Meal Replacement Shake
  • USANA Metabolism+
  • USANA Fibergy Active

Active Nutrition Transform Kit

Transform your lackluster nutritional habits and commit yourself to eating well with the help of Active Nutrition Transform Kit. A shift from your current diet to one featuring whole foods and complete nutrition can be transformative for your overall wellness. With Active Nutrition Transform, you’ll have the support you need to see changes in your energy levels, optimal diet quality, and even help maintaining your healthy weight.*

The Transform Kit is designed to assist you through 28 days of high-quality nutrition and supplementation to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. USANA Metabolism+ and Electrolyte Replacement Drink Mix are included in this weight-management program. These supplements work to optimize your metabolism and hydration throughout the Transform program so you can reap the maximum benefits of your hard work.*

Weight management is also a key component of Transform. The nutrition built into this program—plus the whole food meals you prepare on your own—can support and maintain a healthy weight. Transform focuses on whole body wellness with weight maintenance and management being just one of the many benefits this program offers.


Program Overview:

  • 28-day plan of transformative daily nutrition to support your body as you work to achieve healthy weight and diet goals.*
  • Twice-daily Nutrimeal Active meal replacement shakes for a simple solution to support quality nutrition.
  • A focus on optimizing metabolism and hydration with nutritional supplements to help you reach your wellness ambitions.*

Products Included:

  • Nutrimeal Active Meal Replacement Shake
  • USANA Metabolism+
  • USANA Electrolyte Replacement Drink Mix

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