Teresa Meadows Health Coach

“All disease begins in the Gut.” ~Hippocrates

Begin your path to a healthier lifestyle with a robust initial move through Active Nutrition Jumpstart. Tailored for newcomers, this program provides the advantages of nutritious eating while also aiding digestion and metabolism to pave the way for your success.

The focus of Jumpstart revolves around establishing fresh, health-conscious routines, particularly in the realm of improved dietary choices.

Start Fresh Reset Plan: 5-Day Reset Plan with Coaching Support

-- Access to healthy, metabolism friendly meal and snack ideas
-- Get focused on your goals and the learn fresh steps to a healthier You!
-- Learn More Here

Your Reset Session includes a 20 minute Health Consult . Connect by phone or video conference. Once you have purchased your program below, please click here to book your session.

Lifestyle Transformation Program

If you’re looking for an integrative approach to your best health ever, this Lifestyle Transformation program will help you feel inspired and motivated.

— Personalized Nutrition Recommendations
— Access to healthy, metabolism friendly meal and snack ideas.
— Get focused on your Why and learn the helpful steps in creating a healthier You over the 4 weeks of your Lifestyle plan!
— Get started recreating new lifestyle habits towards optimal health with these Transformation tools
— 15% discount.

This program includes four 20 minute Lifestyle sessions via phone or video conference. Once you have purchased your program below, please click here to book your session.

Personal & Group


As an Integrative Health Coach and passionate mom of four, I understand the importance of health for the whole family.  Trying to balance out the busy lifestyles and demands that increase every day takes its toll, even the most resilient feel the negative impact.  Disease processes are increasing, while other health issues are arising and continue to make feeling good harder and harder. 

I can show you a  better way to keep ahead on your Health and have a Preventative Plan on board.  Your health is important and should be high on your list of priorities,  living healthy is what you need to do with purpose!  My mission is for you to be able to experience health on purpose for purpose, and have both the Health and Freedom to enjoy not just the destination but the journey.

Work with me 1:1 to develop a lifestyle plan that will help you succeed in your health & wellness goals.

Local Anti-inflammatory Lifestyle Program

Locals! Work with me to develop your anti-inflammatory lifestyle plan!

Program includes my grocery store tour as well as:

Pantry Purge
Pantry Essentials
Grocery Store Packet
*New*  How to Combine the Best Foods for Your Blood Type

BE HEALTHY Anti-inflammatory Grocery Store Tour

This is a wonderful experience and way to shop for all the essentials and right combinations to get you on the right track with your health goals and the success of your Transformation goals! Learn the clean choices and trusted brands to choose from and receive a helpful resource grocery packet as a simple guide to follow.

Creating a healthy lifestyle takes time. The goal of learning new strategies on how to best shop for foods that fuel your body best, while also having a good menu plan where nothing ever goes to waste! My grocery store tour is included with my Local Anti-inflammatory Lifestyle Program.

Teresa Meadows Health Coach

My health partner/USANA Health Sciences has allowed me the opportunity to personally help individuals on the journey to great health. I have continually chosen USANA as my Product Partner, not only to meet the critical nutritional needs for myself, but also for my family, and those that I have the unbelievable privilege to help on their journey to Optimal Health

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